Startup Financial Model Awarded Great User Experience 2018 for Accounting Software, Presented by Popular Platform for Software Reviews

User-Experience2018 Risign-Star2018


Startup Financial Model continues to earn accolades from online reviews. It most recently received the Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards by FinancesOnline. Both titles were given in recognition of the software’s quality user experience and positive customer reception. Visit FinancesOnline for the full Startup Financial Model overview.

Highlighted under FinancesOnline’s list of 20 accounting software for small business in 2019, Startup Financial Model was commended as a quick and cost-effective solution that requires no accounting expertise. The review also points out the critical problems that Startup Financial Model solves:

  • Solved: Lack of financial or accounting expertise. The accounting software comes equipped with “a robust set of easy-to-use tools,” making it suitable even for users that have limited accounting expertise. It also arms entrepreneurs with complete control over their inputs as well as “perfectly-formatted reports.”

  • Solved: Insurmountable costs. Entrepreneurs no longer need to reach out to other entities for creating financial projections. With Startup Financial Model, users are able to “build a model with all the detailed calculations in only a few hours.” Not only does it reduces instances of errors, but its automated capabilities also eliminates the need to manually crunch for numbers. With Startup Financial Model greatly reducing the workload, users can spend their resources on driving growth to their business.

You can read more about our app from top business journals, including Forbes, Inc., and Huffington Post.