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New "Duplicate Pro Forma" Feature Now Available

Our startup pro forma app makes it really easy to change a few assumptions and see the impact ripple throughout hundreds of thousands of calculations and produce hundreds of pages of GAAP and IFRS-compliant financial statements and detailed CTLVs and hundreds of other key metrics. And it's very easy to save those changes off into PDF reports to create multiple launch scenarios for even the most inquisitive venture capital investors. But sometimes you need more than that...

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Using the Sales Channel Feature for Forecasting Kiosk Sales

Q: I'm trying to forecast sales via in-store kiosks in my pro forma, but not quite sure how to do that. Should I be setting up the kiosk as a sales channel? If so, how do I use that to forecast the sales and revenue for one of my offerings?

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How Does Sales Forecasting Work in Your Startup Pro Forma App?

Q: Can you please explain in more detail how the sales forecasting works in the Startup Financial Model business plan pro forma? What happens after I input my assumptions and how does all of that get calculated? Do I need to do any offline calculations in terms of price x unit sales in order to figure this out or is that done for me?

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Video: How to Enter Your Offering Assumptions and Sales Forecast

This instructional video covers tips on how to enter your assumptions for each Offering (product or service) and the impact that has on your pro forma:


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Ace Investor Due Diligence with Our Pro Forma App's New Sales Detail Report

Angel investors and Venture Capital investors will always want to drill into the precise details of the "unit economics" of your business plan and specifically, for each offering (product or service). Check out the easiest and best way to model this out and impress your potential investors...

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Entering a 3-Year SaaS App Contract with Annual Billing

Q: I have a recurring SaaS app that subscribers will sign up for a 3-year contract with annual billing. How do I enter that in the Startup Financial Model app and how does your app deal with the assumptions?

A: It is critical to get all of this right in a pro forma, but most pro forma templates do not handle this situation properly. Fortunately, our app handles this effortlessly with very few inputs and gets all of the accounting correct for you, for each and every month of your plan so you always know where you are at in terms of recognized revenue, cash, and deferred revenue liability.

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Fine Tuning Your Sales Staffing Assumptions in a Startup Pro Forma

Q: I'm trying to model my startup, but the sales staffing calculation seems insanely high. My pro forma is calculating a sales staffing cost of millions of Euros for one of my offerings, which makes no sense.

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Using the Startup Financial Model App for an Entrepreneurship Class

Q: I'm an entrepreneurship professor and every year I teach a class on business plan development with an average of about 10 - 15 teams and continuing to grow. I'm interested in having the students use your app for my class, but wondering how I can get access to review their plans. I would need to log in and do demos etc. I would also need to build a case study of sorts to share with the class. 

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Adding an Affiliate Commission to An Offering in a Business Plan Pro Forma

Q: I've set up an affiliate sales channel, but I don't see how to add an affiliate commission that I will be paying my affiliates. Can you please provide some guidance on how to do this in your business plan pro forma app?

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Modeling Sporadic, Repeat Customer Orders in Startup Pro Forma

Q: How do I create an offering in your business plan template where I expect customers to place multiple orders in the same year, such as several times per year, but not necessarily each month? I’m using website conversions as my sales forecast, so I prefer to continue linking my sales forecast to those assumptions.

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