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New Business Tax Reform 

What Does The New Business Tax Reform Mean For Startups?

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Create a Killer Pitch Deck with a Financial Pro Forma that Venture Capital Investors Will Love

Our Pitch Deck Summary report is automatically created for you when you use our app and is specifically designed for that one all-important slide in your pitch deck: your 5-year financial pro forma summary.

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Why Does My Customer Life Look So Long in My CLTV Report?

Q: I’ve entered several offerings and my recurring SaaS app-based offerings has a super long customer life of 400 months on my Sales Detail report:

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Calculating a Seed Investor's Ownership on the Cap Table

Q: I'm using your Startup Financial Model business plan pro forma app and I'm not sure I follow the Cap Table calcuations. Could you tell me how your capitalization table calculation works? I was trying to make some calculations on my own and could not get the same numbers. Below is the example of my simplistic calculations:

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New "Duplicate Pro Forma" Feature Now Available

Our startup pro forma app makes it really easy to change a few assumptions and see the impact ripple throughout hundreds of thousands of calculations and produce hundreds of pages of GAAP and IFRS-compliant financial statements and detailed CTLVs and hundreds of other key metrics. And it's very easy to save those changes off into PDF reports to create multiple launch scenarios for even the most inquisitive venture capital investors. But sometimes you need more than that...

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Using the Sales Channel Feature for Forecasting Kiosk Sales

Q: I'm trying to forecast sales via in-store kiosks in my pro forma, but not quite sure how to do that. Should I be setting up the kiosk as a sales channel? If so, how do I use that to forecast the sales and revenue for one of my offerings?

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How Does Sales Forecasting Work in Your Startup Pro Forma App?

Q: Can you please explain in more detail how the sales forecasting works in the Startup Financial Model business plan pro forma? What happens after I input my assumptions and how does all of that get calculated? Do I need to do any offline calculations in terms of price x unit sales in order to figure this out or is that done for me?

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