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New Video Library Page and Live Consultation Page - Tools To Help You Create The Perfect Business Plan

Every entrepreneur knows and understands the value of a powerful business plan.

Often, a simple idea can bring to life a million dollars business. So is the case of many companies that you currently see or interact with on a daily basis, like Google, Amazon or Apple. But that business exists only at the conceptual level until the moment you start filling in the numbers and the forecast assumptions. The business plan template as a whole is an essential asset for your company or startup, yet at the core of it stands the financial section.

Of course, the sections about your company’s vision and growth strategy, along with the marketing ideas are necessary for a complete understanding of your business, but all these do not mean much if you can’t justify your business with good figures on the bottom line.

For startups the financial section of the business plan proved to be the most scariest part and this was largely due to the lack of some good tools to help you integrate the business idea with the offerings, different costs assumptions, sales forecast, cash-flow statement, and the income projections.

That is why we created the Startup Financial Model because we totally understand the critical importance of a great financial model as part of your launch plan.

A detailed financial model is absolutely critical for every startup. Every entrepreneur needs to fully understand and take responsibility for every aspect of the startup’s financial model. It’s essential when raising capital, during your launch phase, and when planning your growth. A detailed model will help you avoid surprises and anticipate the timing and cash requirements.

Also, investors will demand such a model and will demand your understanding of it (unlike in the dot com boom when cash was just wired into our accounts). A startup financial model should be one of the primary aspects of any business plan and it is the biggest part of any investor’s due diligence. In fact, you are likely to get many more questions about your financial model that you will about your product.

Now, to come even further into your help, we created two NEW very important resources:

One of them is a Digital Video Library that will guide you through the Startup Financial Model App so that your business plan is ready in less than an hour. Here you’ll find 32 videos that provide tips, instructions as well as business case studies to help you easily create your business plan, and which we will be constantly expanding by adding more videos.

The second resource is the new Model Consultation Call page, where you can book online a live call with one of our trusted advisors to review your financial model. They are available to take an in-depth look at your model and help you develop a more genuine revenue generation strategy behind your business plan.

With these tools we come forward to help you put a stop on those endless Google searches for financial projections and business plan templates, which are not only time consuming but they bring a lot of confusion both for you as an entrepreneur and for potential investors.

Our experience and expertise has shown us that those who used the Startup Financial Model business template considerably increased their chances of raising capital and expand their business.



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