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Web App - the interface walks you through the inputs and calculates your reports automatically

PDF and CSV Downloads - export any or all of your reports to PDF (formatted) or CSV (numbers only). Downloading the entire model to Excel is always available as an add-on.

Model Support - support blog, training videos, phone and email support

5 Year Financials - monthly, quarterly, and annual views of all financial projections and detailed metrics

Detailed Assumptions - Enter your core assumptions and watch the model accurately calculate a detailed proforma financial model. Download the entire report to PDF or just specific financial statements, such as balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. Reports can be viewed monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Employee Hiring Plan - Scale your sales team with your revenue growth. Allocate commissions, bonuses, and annual raises. Other employee-driven expenses include training, recruitment, taxes, benefits, software, dues, consulting services, and more. Show employees as a cost of the sale or as overhead. Contractors or W2 employees. Analyze your projected ROI per department (Sales & Marketing, R&D, Admin).

Advanced Accounting - The software is up to date on GAAP principles and includes balance sheet assumptions like CapEx spending and depreciation, intangible assets and amortization, inventory on hand, and deferred revenues.

International Currencies - Supports IFRS accounting standards and 161 global currencies

Cash Level Verification - Understand your projected cash levels for any given month. Our monthly cash-level verification report can show you exactly when cash is projected to dip throughout the next 60 months. This allows the user to either reallocate their use of funds or implement another fundraising round/loan.

Download to Excel for $99 - Download the model you built in the web app to continue working offline or to increase your customization capability. This also allows for monthly and quarterly formatted reports. The Excel model is licensed for use with one business only. It is compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions for PC and Excel 2011 and later versions for Mac. The spreadsheet is on a 2-year time-based license. Please contact us for renewal. 

Investor ROI Analysis - All the metrics your investors are looking for to make an informed decision ... enterprise value based on multiple, ownership dilution, IRR, payback period, equity value, and accretion.

Detailed CLTV Analysis - Break down the value of your customer, the length of relationship, the churn rate, direct expenses, lead generation, revenue share, and customer acquisition cost.

Breakeven Analysis - Net Income, EBITDA, and Operating Cash Flow Breakeven analysis. First month for breakeven, total units required for breakeven, and amount of monthly revenue required for breakeven. All questions on every investor's mind.

KPI Dashboard - A detailed financial ratio report that displays the customers and revenue projected along with the Three-Month Run-Rate, Free Cash Flow to Equity, Days Sales Outstanding, Current Ratio, Cash Conversion Cycle, Cash Ratio, Debt Conversion Ratio, Debt Coverage Ratio, and more!

Stress Testing - Create an alternate scenario where you can adjust the price of offerings, the amount of sales, direct costs, and operating costs. Show investors that your business can withstand downward pressure and that your plan is ironclad!

Sales Summary - Detailed sales summary reports show your customer lifetime value calculations including acquisition costs, lead generation, revenue shares, commissions, allocated marketing and other associated expense allocations.

Ownership Cap Table - Generate your projected cap table showing round by round dilution through the investment and the exercising of stock options

Advanced Fundraising - Enter multiple seed rounds, employee stock options, convertible debt, series A round, and series B round. All dilution and debt conversions are displayed bequtifully in a cap table and investor return summary.

Duplicate Model for $29/month - Our popular "save as" feature to create additional versions of your plan. An easy way to duplicate your model and quickly update a few key assumptions, change currencies, or even plan for a larger capital raise.

Pause Account for $9/year - Pause your subscription and save your model as a read-only version. This allows you to come back and make adjustments when needed without feeling like you're locked in.


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