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Free App

Our powerful business plan and financial forecasting software is totally free!

Why is this Powerful App Free?


There are no tricks or gimmicks. It’s absolutely free.


Here’s why:


  • Entrepreneurs have limited resources – I am an entrepreneur, and I have a heart for entrepreneurs. I understand the entrepreneurial journey, the hard work, and the struggles. And, I know there are limited resources.

  • Grow the entrepreneurial economy – I’ve reviewed thousands of business plans and I wanted to make this app free as a way to contribute to growing the entrepreneurial economy and to help entrepreneurs be more successful in their planning, launch, and capital raising efforts.

  • Investment opportunity – I’ve benefited much more by investing in some of our subscribers than I would by charging subscription fees. 


All I ask you to do:


  • Let me consider investing – I’d love to have the chance to consider investing in your business. When your model is ready to pitch, use this form to upload your pitch deck, answer a few simple questions, and then submit it to us. This gives us permission to review your model and your other information. I’ve made over 50 angel investments in the past.

  • Give us a review – I’d also like a positive review from you on social media if you like our model and found it useful. That way it helps spread the word so that as many entrepreneurs as possible can benefit from the same quality planning tool. You will sent a link a few weeks after subscribing. Please respond with your review.

  • Give us a status update – I’d also like to know how you are progressing, so please answer our very short survey notifications periodically. Specifically, we want to know whether or not you’ve launched your startup and if you’ve successfully raised your seed round.


Best wishes with your startup planning!


Wade Myers

Creator and Founder

Startup Financial Model

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