• Wade Myers

Website Conversion Rates and the Correct Number of Customers

Q: I was reviewing my model output and have a potential issue in the Key Metrics report. I've added 1,000 for the number of Website visitors for my first month with visitor conversion rate of 15.0%, however, my Key Metrics report shows a total of 450 Customers when it should only be 150. Could you please let me know if I am doing something wrong?

A: We've reviewed your inputs and you have a total of three offerings that your assumptions say are all being purchased in your launch month, but all three offerings are using the same website conversion rates sales forecast assumption, therefore you have 450 customers: (3 x 150 website conversions each).

If you are actually selling all three items to the same customer, then you should either link offering #2 and #3 to offering # 1 in your sales forecast assumptions as shown below by selecting "Link to Offering #1" in the input...

...and you should remove two of the offerings from the customer count as shown here:

Then your total customer count will accurately reflect the reality that all three offerings are sold to the same customer.

If you want to control the upsell or cross sale rate of your three Offerings, then you will want to assume that Offering #1 is the one that all customers buy and if Offering #2 is crosssold at a rate of 50%, then when you link #2 Sales Forecast to #1, you can simply input 50% to automatically forecast the take rate. You can do the same with Offering #3.

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