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Types of Startup Financial Model Reports Available

Q: What kind of reports are available in your financial model and how can I incorporate them into my venture capital investor pitch deck? Also, what about investor due diligence - how do they review my model once it is complete?

A: There are four ways to share information from the Startup Finanical Model:

  • Web App Reports - You can assign others to your financial model (and specific models if you have multiple models set up in our app) so that they can log in and review both your assumptions and the output of the model. You can assign two types of users: “read-only” and "read/write". In most cases you would want to invite investors as "read only" so they can review everything, but not make changes. Logging into the financial model web app is the easiest way to have the most flexibility on reporting as users can drill into the monthly or quarterly detail as well as annual detail. This is a partial view of the Key Metrics report example:

  • CSV Export - You can export any of the financial model reports from our app to CSV (and save an a spreadsheet) and then format or delete any rows and columns you like and then paste into your pitch deck or produce to PDF to get exactly what you’d like to show. The CSV reports will download all report output by month, quarter, and year. This is a portion of the CSV version of the Key Metrics report:

  • PDF Reports - You can run all PDF reports from the main menu or you can produce one PDF report at a time for each report page in the web app from the top right page menu. The PDF reports show the annual summary view and are nicely formatted and designed to be easily shared with investors. This is a partial view of the PDF version of the Key Metrics report:

  • Excel Purchase and Download - You can purchase and download the Excel spreadsheet version of the financial model and control everything about the output of the reports in terms of hiding or exposing various rows and columns. See details here on how the Excel spreadsheet purchase and download works.

In term of specifically what to share with investors in a pitch deck, the Summary report is the one specifically designed for investor pitch decks as a great way to represent a high-level, five-year summary of your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. Here is an example of how that looks when pasted into a PowerPoint slide in a pitch deck:

Following your pitch, if an investor would like to see more information on your business plan and specifically your financial model, we would suggest the following path of escalation for venture investor due diligence:

  1. The full PDF report (produced from the main left hand menu of the Startup Financial Model web app), which shows the annual summary view of all reports

  2. Then if their interest continues and they want to see more, especially if they want to drill into your assumptions and see how the monthly and quarterly build up of your model, assign them as a "read-only" user to your financial model in our web app so they can review all information.

Here's the good news: while most startups only have a five-year financial summary with nothing behind it, you can pitch with confidence with the Startup Financial Model because you have the most robust model available backing up your plan with clearly visible assumptions, unit economics, and comprehensive reports - all in a format that is very easy to adjust, change, and review.

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