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Monthly Cash Flow Report for Investor

Q: An investor asked for a cash flow proforma of our financials. Is there any way to extrapolate the data to show a breakdown of our year one cash flows on a month-to-month basis?

All of the Startup Financial Model reports have monthly, quarterly, and yearly details, except for the Summary report, which is an annual summary for your investor pitch deck. To see the monthly detail on any report, simply click on the "Month" button in the upper left portion of the report to open up the monthly amounts:

There are numerous ways to share your financial statements and financial ratios with investors per this video: Sharing Reports with Seed Capital and Venture Capital Investors.

The easiest way to share your business plan financial model is to simply invite your investor to your model on your subscriber dashboard so they can see the model and drill into the monthly details on all reports in order to get comfortable with your plan. Go to your dashboard and click on the sharing icon under the column header Assign User. You can assign them as "read only" or "read/write" privileges in case they want to make changes to see different outcomes:

If your investor would prefer to just see the monthly detail just for the first 12 months and only in email form, then here is the easiest way to deliver that to them is as follows:

Go to the Cash Flow report

Click on the Month button in the upper left portion of the report to open up the monthly amounts

Click on the Export Cash Flow to CSV button in the upper right portion of the report

Delete all columns except the first 12 months

The CSV report will look like this:

CSV reports like the above are available on all of the financial statements.

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