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Maximum Number of Offerings

Q: Is there any limitation to the number of products or services that can be entered into the model?

A: Yes, the current limitation is fifteen offerings. If you have a business where you are planning on reselling hundreds of products, we would suggest grouping them into ten or fewer product lines with the average price assumptions and COGS assumptions, etc.

To try to forecast at a more granular level for a five year startup business plan errs on the side of “false precision”. We would suggest instead to forecast product lines and average inputs for all products withing a product line to help get a handle on the overall Revenue, Expenses, and Cash impact of the plan.

For example, for a clothing e-commerce site, rather than trying to model hundreds of individual SKUs in the financial model, instead model product lines, such as "Women's Blouses" with the average price, COGS, etc.

The screen shot below shows how to include additional offerings in the web app:

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