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How Difficult is the Model to Use?

Q: I’m a startup founder without a lot of finance or accounting experience and I don’t yet have a CFO. How hard is the Startup Financial Model to set up and use?

A: The Startup Financial Model was designed specifically to be easy to use by anyone, but especially designed for startup entrepreneurs that do not have any accounting or finance training.

Although the model has over 860,000 calculations and numerous reports and although it is extremely thorough and extensive, the entire model is driven off of the step-by-step inputs entered on the Input Assumptions menu via a series of easy-to-follow input forms with experts tips for each step. The screen shot below shows an Offering input form with the expanded tip on the Renewal rate for a monthly recurring sales model:

The rest of the model is automatically calculated and produced for you. Further, it is very simple to go back and tweak your assumptions until you have it the way you want it or to produce multiple scenarios.

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