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Entering Convertible Debt Assumptions

Many tech startups in the U.S. raise seed capital through convertible debt. Because of the popularity of this type of venture capital investment, we built a convertible debt investment - with all of its complexity - into our app and greatly simplified it for you. All you have to do is enter the typical convertible debt terms in our easy-to-follow input form and your business plan financial model and all of its accompanying financial statements, financial ratios, cap table, pitch deck financial summary, investor return analysis, and any downloaded spreadsheets and worksheets will properly reflect everything.

Here's the input form: Note the inputs for all key convertible debt terms, such as Investment/Principal Amount, Annual Interest Rate, Disposition of the Interest Due at Conversion (paid in cash or rolled into the Series A), Conversion Discount, and/or Conversion Cap.

And here's the instructional video:

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