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Entering a Seed Investment That Converts Into Series A

Q: Is there a way to issue preferred shares to seed investors instead of common shares in your model? Could I do that by not issuing shares in the Seed round? For example, if I want to raise $12m in Series A, with a cap of $4m in my convertible note and a discount of 20%. How do I put that in your model assuming that the convertible note will become into preferred equity at the time of the Series A?

Yes, we've made that very easy in our financial model app. You would enter you seed capital investment as a convertible note with only a few inputs (an example is shown below) and our app will automatically add the debt to your financial statements until the Series A and then automatically convert the debt into the Series A equity in the same month as the Series A. Our financial model also properly applies your assumptions on how to handle the interest, and applies the discount and conversion cap, etc. Not only that, but our app then produces all of the proper reports and pro forma to show you and your investors the impact of the convertible note terms and the resulting investor return summary.

Our app allows you to enter up to three different seed investments and one convertible note investment. Our support blog post Entering Convertible Debt Assumptions and the accompanying video explain how the convertible note feature works. 

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