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Dashlane App Diverts Startup Financial Model Login to Facebook

I'm using a Mac and the latest Chrome browser and I use the Dashlane password app. Whenever I try to login to the Startup Financial Model app, I get diverted to a Facebook sharing link and cannot log into your app. What's going on and how do I log in?

Dashlane has numerous known issues on various OSs and browsers, including Macs and Chrome and the Dashlane app often interferes with web app logins. They've been producing patches to try to correct Chrome and diversion issues. Here's a link with several recent Dashlane issues and here's the Dashlane's release notes. Please note that they are frequently releasing bug fixes, so their app looks rather buggy and not quite ready for primetime. 

We've had a few other subscribers with this issue and the quickest fix to get logged into the Startup Financial Model app is to simply turn off Dashlane and you will have no issues logging in whatsoever.

The longer-term fix is to download the latest bug fixes from Dashlane and give them feedback on the issue and hopefully they will be able to resolve the various combinations of operating systems, browser versions, and login issues that are caused by their app. But also note that even if you get Dashlane stabilized, any subsequent change you make in your browser, computer, or OS tends to blow up Dashlane according to their numerous Consumer Affairs complaints and social media complaints.

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