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Creating a Pro Forma for Multiple Sales Channels

Q: We are planning different sales channels with different revenue and cost models for each channel as well as unique sales assumptions and we would to be able to get the metrics such as LTV, CAC, MRR, etc. by channel. How can we reflect this in your financial model app?

We suggest that you set up four different offerings - one for each of your four types of channels. Your pricing and costs would be for each customer that comes through that channel and your sales forecast that you enter would be your net forecasted # of sales or customers driven by each channel. For example, if you expect 5,000 customers from your Retail channel in a particular month that pay $50/month and have a cost of $15/month, the Retail channel offering would be set up with a monthly revenue of $50 and a monthly COGS of $15 and your sales forecast for that month would be 5,000. Your Offering inputs for the first few input forms would look like this:

You can set up unique Customer Acquisition Costs, Offering Costs, and Sales Forecasts for each of your channel offerings.

In addition, you will also get a set of very detailed metrics for each of the offerings per this support blog post.

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