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Ace Investor Due Diligence with Our Pro Forma App's New Sales Detail Report

Angel investors and Venture Capital investors will always want to drill into the precise details of the "unit economics" of your business plan and specifically, for each offering (product or service). Check out the easiest and best way to model this out and impress your potential investors...

Our app's logic and immense calculation power allows startup teams to create the most detailed unit economic model possible with only a few simple assumptions inputs. Here's an example Annual view of the report, including a Year 1 and Year 5 Customer Lifetime Value infographic to quickly grasp the cash economics of each Offering:

The reports, as always, are available in a monthly view that allows you to scroll through the month-over-month buildup of your sales forecast and revenue, a quarterly view, and a five-year summary view. This is especially useful for recurring revenue business plans, such as SaaS apps because it provides a high degree of clarity on your sales and churn rates over the life of your plan. For example, click on "Month" in the upper left-hand corner to see the same report in a monthly view:

And as always, the reports are also available in CSV and PDF form. Here's an example of one of the pages in a PDF report format, beautifully formatted and ideal for sharing with investors:

Finally, to make due diligence on your pro forma a snap, simply invite them to your model via your subscriber dashboard with your choice of access privileges and this report is included for them:

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