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Financial Pro Forma Features

Powerful and easy-to-use financial pro forma for any business plan.


Easily Enter All Assumptions in One Place

Step-by-Step Instructions…

All assumptions are in one place and the pro forma app automatically calculates and effortlessly creates all of your financial statements, financial ratios, and other output.

Features 1

Model Multiple Unique Offerings

Recurring vs. One-Time, Product vs. Service – It’s All Here…

All offerings are entered on a unit economic basis with all revenue and cost-related items driven at the unit level that are unique to each offering:

  • Type and length of sale attributes such as Recurring or One-Time sales models, contract lengths, and renewal rates that automatically drive all sales assumptions and attrition rates

  • Pricing, annual price escalation/de-escalation, revenue shares, and type of billing (frequency, timing, and direct vs. 3rd party) that automatically drive all cash and deferred revenue calculations that are properly modeled and entered on the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements

  • Customer acquisition cost assumptions from lead generation expense to commission expense to sales staffing that automatically populates Staffing and Customer Lifetime Value outputs

  • COGS/COS assumptions including annual cost escalation/de-escalation, direct labor, shipping, payment processing, and account management that automatically populates Staffing and Customer Lifetime Value outputs

  • Sales forecast assumptions that can be linked to other offerings (three of the fifteen offerings can be linked to earlier offerings), can be auto-filled with automatic sales growth inputs, or entered month-by-month

Features 2

Income Statement And Balance Sheet Assumptions Like Taxes, Inventory, And Days Payable Are A Snap


Easily Input and Test Key Inputs to See the Impact on Your Pro Forma…

Income Statement and Balance Sheet assumptions are modeled in seconds and automatically applied in our pro forma app. Corporate tax assumptions include U.S. corporate tax rates, flat tax rates, or pass-through tax assumptions. Balance Sheet assumptions include opening cash balance, days payable, pre-sales inventory build-up, and days inventory on hand.​​​

Features 3

Easily Model Seed Capital, Convertible Debt,

Venture Capital, And Senior Debt

Equity and Debt, Cap Table and Debt Amortization, Investor Return Analysis Are Easily Modeled…

Input founders shares, employee options, Seed capital rounds, convertible debt, Series A preferred, and Series B preferred equity along with the preferences and our financial pro forma automatically builds a Cap Table, populates the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement and creates an Investor Return Summary by type of equity class with all key return metrics from return multiple to FCF-based IRR and Payback timing

Input debt assumptions and our financial pro forma spreadsheet automatically creates a debt schedule, calculates long-term portion and short-term portion, and populates the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements

Features 4

Easily Manage Cash Levels


What Month Do You Run Out of Cash? It's all here - in seconds!

A cash level indicator automatically populates to warn you when additional capital is required based upon your plan input.

Features 5

Benefits and Other Employee-Driven Expenses

are Automatically Applied

Recruiting, Training, Benefits, Taxes, License Fees, Bonuses – All Here, All Automatic

All employee-driven expenses from recruiting to software subscriptions to benefits to taxes and to annual raises (and more): are applied to all staff positions automatically and properly modeled on the Income Statement.

Features 6

Easily Model Both Direct And Indirect Employees


Direct vs. Indirect, Scale with Growth vs. Non-Scaling, Multiple Roles – It’s All Here…

All overhead staff are entered by type (Sales & Marketing, R&D, or G&A) and are entered by level of employee for easy modeling (direct labor and direct sales and account management are entered at the offering level as they are “direct” in nature):

Features 7

CapEx, Depreciation, And Amortization Is Easy And Automatic

Tangible and Intangible Assets, Depreciation and Amortization – All Integrated, All Here…

All Tangible and Intangible asset acquisitions are easily modeled with only a few inputs each and our financial model automatically calculates and applies a depreciation schedule, an amortization schedule and populates the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Statements.

Features 8

Key Features List

  • ​Successfully used by thousands of entrepreneurs, business incubators, and business schools worldwide

  • Works for startups in all countries with all 161 global currencies and flexible fiscal years

  • No finance or accounting experience required

  • Includes both recurring and one-time revenue for any product or service entered

  • Automatically creates 5-year financial projections, proforma, financial statements, and financial ratios in GAAP or IFRS formats

  • Breakeven Analysis automatically generated by breakeven timing, breakeven units, and breakeven revenue

  • Customer lifetime value calculations and scores of other key metrics for each product or service

  • Includes seed capital, convertible debt, venture capital, and debt assumptions

  • Built-in ownership and capitalization table

  • Creates a financial summary formatted for your pitch deck

  • Investor Return Analysis

  • Unique unit economic modeling of each offering

  • Proper deferred revenue accounting for SaaS business plans and other recurring revenue business plans

  • Contract length and attrition modeling for SaaS business plans and other recurring revenue business plans

  • All corporate tax structures

  • CapEx inputs for both tangible and intangible assets

  • Depreciation and amortization schedules

  • Detailed sales report and financial ratios for each product or service

  • Built-in revenue share and all billing assumptions

  • Built-in employee and staff-related assumptions, expenses, benefits, and taxes​

Features 9
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