Excel Downloads

Build your model in the web app and then export it to Microsoft Excel to work completely offline

You asked for it, and we provided it! The Startup Financial Model is now available in a direct purchase and download of our pro forma model in Excel.

We recognize that some entrepreneurs may want to take their financial model offline and reshape some of the outputs and just in general “own” their business plan. Therefore, we created two different Excel model download features, which works as follows:

  1. Standard Startup Version Licensed Excel - $299 for a 36-month license. This version of the Excel spreadsheet model has the backend calculations locked and hidden to protect the integrity of the 860,000+ calculations in the back-end that make our model so simple and powerful to use. Users can customize reports. License renewals can be purchased after expiration for those that are still in launch mode after 36 months.
  2. Fully Unlocked and Customizable Licensed Excel - $495 one-time fee. Purchasing this Excel spreadsheet download allows you to fully customize the spreadsheet by updating calculations and reformatting all output and reports to your needs. This version is ideal for power Excel users that are comfortable navigating complex spreadsheets and financial formulas.
  3. Click the "download" link under whichever Excel spreadsheet pro forma model you need on our Pricing page 
  4. Check out, download your model and start working offline in seconds!
The Ideal Startup Financial Model
Downloading Your Web App Model to Excel

We strongly encourage users to enter their assumptions using the free trial web app first and then purchase and download the Startup version of the Excel model from within the web app really. Our web app will speed up your inputs and guide you through the process. Meanwhile, when you do purchase and download, all of your data will already be loaded into the Excel spreadsheet.

Once you've completed the in-app purchase, you can continue to change your assumptions within the Excel model, but it will no longer sync back to your web app subscription. The in-app Excel purchase is the same Startup version of Excel as described above with a 36-month license and locked back-end calculations to protect the integrity of the model while you work offline. 

Items to note:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the spreadsheet, any changes you make will not sync back to the web app, but remain only in the spreadsheet version. However, once you purchase the Excel once, you can always go back to your web app and make changes there and then download the Excel spreadsheet again without any additional charge.
  2. To purchase the Excel spreadsheet download, log into your financial model and scroll down to the left-hand menu and click on the last menu item called “Buy and Download to Excel”, which will take you to the checkout page. You can then purchase and download the spreadsheet.
The Ideal Startup Financial Model
System Requirements

The Excel spreadsheet version of the Startup Financial Model requires MS Excel 2010 or later for PCs or MS Excel 2011 or later for Macs and does not work on other spreadsheet programs because of their lack of sufficient functionality. The app's spreadsheet version also does not work with Office Online/Office 365 as the Microsoft online version of Excel lacks many of the desktop version features and the online version is not powerful enough to handle our app's calculations. In addition, Office 365 has size limitations that in some cases cannot open our app file.