Custom Pro Forma Service

Why you might need this service:

Our typical customers that buy this service:

  • Prefer to have an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and advisor help build their pro forma
  • Have a tight deadline of delivering a highly-credible pro forma to a prospective investor or for a pitch competition
  • In the process of negotiating a strategic alliance that involves an investment
The Ideal Startup Financial Model

What the deliverables look like for the Custom Pro Forma Service for $495:

One-year subscription to the Startup version of our pro forma app, which includes inviting unlimited team members and prospective investors to collaborate and/or to review the several hundred pages of details of your pro forma to manage a professional due-diligence process without ever emailing out your model. Other features include a professionally formatted 35-page PDF version of the 5 Year Annual Summary report pack that is ideal for emailing to a prospective venture capital investor that includes all financial statements, financial ratios, key metrics, breakeven analysis, sales detail by offering (including detailed CAC, CLTV, MRR metrics), cap table, staff, investor return summary, pitch deck summary, CapEx and depreciation, etc.
The Ideal Startup Financial Model

How the process works:

  1. You sign up for the Custom Pro Forma Service
  2. We have an initial call with you to scope out the pro forma
  3. Our subscriber agreement includes an NDA to protect you and your business plan information
  4. We send you an information request
  5. You send us as much of your business plan input as possible:
    • Business plan
    • Core business model assumptions
    • Spreadsheets or notes on financial assumptions
    • Customer and market profile information
  6. We review your information and email to clarify any questions
  7. We complete your pro forma
  8. We have a web meeting to review your pro forma
  9. We make final changes as necessary
  10. We have a final web meeting review, training, and handoff
  11. You have a gold-standard, credible, and professional pro forma that you can invite investors to view online in order to sail through due diligence, get funded, and get launched
  12. Our customer support team is available for additional questions, but additional modifications are potentially subject to additional consulting fees

Who will prepare your financial pro forma:

We have trained advisors that use the powerful features of our software, plus their deep experience that can quickly build you a highly-credible model.

The Ideal Startup Financial Model