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We're Changing the Game

We used to be just another financial model.


Yes, our reports left investors speechless. Yes, our users were able to plan effectively and pitch with confidence.

But we were another Excel model with limited input options and a steep learning curve. All that changes now.

We are launching a financial model tool that will be both easier to use and far more financially detailed than anything on the market today. And our resources will be 100% free.


We're on our way to becoming the one-stop shop for planning a startup, and we want to partner with you to help you get funded.

Want to be notified as soon as we launch? Join our waitlist.

In the meantime, please download our Excel model and other free tools as our gift to you:

To access our legacy web app, visit

New features you will love
  • Enter unlimited products, services, expense categories, and employee types

  • Cap table with unlimited rounds, terms summary, and investor proceeds waterfall

  • Recommended values for all inputs

  • Instant calculations so you can watch how changes affect the model

  • Industry templates

  • Submit your model to be considered by investors

  • Everything you need to plan your startup and raise capital in one place

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 10.16.49 AM.png


Why will this app be free?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we want you to succeed. We also want to consider partnering with you or investing in your startup.

When will this app be available?

We will be launching our capital raise forecasting tool in June 2022 and the full financial model in Q4 2022.

I have already built a model using your tool (web app or Excel). Is there an easy way to convert my old model to the new app?

We will not have a "click of a button" conversion, but the new format is so easy to use that it should only take a few minutes to input the assumptions into the new model. In fact, just reach out and we will do it for you!

Will I lose my existing data on Startup Financial Model?

No. You will still have access to our legacy web app (Startup Financial Model), including any account or model data that currently exists.

Other questions or concerns? Reach out to

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