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Quickly and easily deliver stunning results to clients

Our web app features allow you to leverage decades of work that went into building a very powerful startup financial model that you can easily deliver to - and collaborate with - your clients via our SaaS app

Upsell your expert advice using our app as your platform

Our app's features and reports allow you to quickly drill into the business model details, get a grasp on your client's overall plan, and offer a value proposition for how you can help with your strategic startup advice and mentoring

Spend more time on client strategy and less time on grunt work building a model

Your time and expertise is valuable and our app allows you to spend less time building a model from scratch - a lower-valued task - and more time consulting strategically with your clients to help them improve their overall business planning and business model strategy

Resell the model to clients as an affiliate

You can either sign up as an affiliate and have your clients purchase the model and then assign you as their financial advisor, or you can subscribe to the app for your clients and assign them to review their plan - either way, you benefit financially as an affiliate of our app with a 50% discount

Easily manage all clients in your advisor dashboard

Whether you have subscribed directly to our app or you have been added to a client's subscription, all of the financial models you are working on (and your past models) will appear in your Subscriber Dashboard as shown below:

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