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Check out the story of the genesis of our app.


The Startup Financial Model business planning financial pro forma app was conceived and created by Wade Myers to address what he thinks is the single biggest weakness of most business plans: the lack of a detailed financial pro forma that helps entrepreneurs and investors gain full visibility into all of the assumptions, cash requirements, scalability, profitability, and the ramp up of the business.

Wade created the Startup Financial Model after a frustrating experience of raising $75m of venture capital as a founder/CEO for one of his startups that didn’t turn out as everyone had hoped. One of his biggest issues was that his launch plan was not carefully thought through, especially with the financial and cash implications of the business model (it was an early SaaS play in 1999).

After that experience, Wade created a detailed financial model as he planned his next company (an Inc. 5000 tech-enabled services firm) so he could have a much better handle on the business model and investment required. He then continued to use the spreadsheet and refine it for many more of his startups, acquisitions, and investments prior to commercializing the business planning tool and eventually turning it into a web app as the Startup Financial Model. 


Wade's business planning financial pro forma app has become the standard used by startup incubators, MBA entrepreneurial finance programs, the largest SBA loan consultancy in the U.S., and entrepreneurs around the world.


Wade Myers is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker that has founded, invested in, and been a director of scores of companies and has completed over 100 financing and M&A transactions. He is a general partner of the Eagle Venture Fund, the Alpha Alta hedge fund, and WayMaker real estate fund. Wade’s entrepreneurial ventures include a tech-enabled investment bank, a SaaS-based big data company, a tech-enabled government services firm, and an Inc. 5000 SaaS-based property management firm. He also worked at the Boston Consulting Group and Mobil Corporation, and served as an Airborne Ranger in the US Army where he was a decorated veteran of the Gulf War. Wade is a Baker Scholar graduate of Harvard’s MBA program.

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