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  • Startup Financial Model Financial Projection Software Screenshots
  • Startup Financial Model Financial Projection Software Screenshots
  • Startup Financial Model Financial Projection Software Screenshots
  • Startup Financial Model Financial Projection Software Screenshots
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The business plan problem…

The necessity of a pro forma financial model:

  • A financial forecast is the primary aspect of any business plan
  • The biggest part of an investor’s due diligence

The typical entrepreneur:

  • No finance or accounting expertise
  • Lack of time and money to invest in an expensive, detailed financial model

The typical result:

  • Way too simplistic (if built yourself)
  • Way too expensive and hard for you to use (if built by someone else)

The Startup Financial Model solution…

A very robust business plan pro forma financial forecast template…

…built for entrepreneurs to use themselves…

…in an easy-to-use web app (and a premium upgrade to a downloadable Excel spreadsheet)

…with beautiful print-ready output of financial projections (balance sheet, income statement cash flows and more)…

…including a summary ready to be pasted into your pitch deck

Power and Simplicity – All in an Easy-to-Use Business Planning Financial Model Pro Forma Web App

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  • Business plan assumptions entered in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format
  • Handles both recurring and one-time sales models for offerings
  • Handles all business models: software, services, product manufacturing, etc.
  • All reports are automatically calculated and produced
  • Summary report ideal for your pitch deck
  • Pro Forma includes Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Detailed sales report with all Customer Lifetime Value metrics
  • Detailed staffing report with all employee-driven costs such as taxes and benefits
  • Detailed CapEx and depreciation calculations
  • Cap Table, Investor Return Summary, and Key Metrics reports

Step 1

Step 1

Configure the model to best fit your business plan

Step 2

Step 2

Fill in the assumptions using the step-by-step instructions

Step 3

Step 3

Review the results, run alternate scenarios, and finalize your plan

Step 4

Step 4

Share your results, get funded, and launch your business

This is the best startup financial model on the planet. I was able to raise the venture capital I needed for my startup based in part on the credibility this model provided. Every investor that reviewed our business plan said it was the most detailed plan they’d ever seen.
Allan J,
Founder and CEO / Robofusion, Inc.
As an active entrepreneur and angel investor, I was pitched to invest in a company that had used the Startup Financial Model for their business plan. We were stunned by the thoroughness, detail, and clarity of the model and its output. Both of us invested in the business. If you are going to pitch an investor, you want to use the Startup Financial Model.
Paul M.
The Startup Financial Model was fantastic! I was able to model out my business plan and get launched. I saved weeks of effort. My only other option to get the same level of robust model was a $15,000 custom service from a CPA firm.

Yuri G.
As SBA loan consultants, our team of associates have reviewed over 10,000 business plans and processed over 4,000 loans. We have never seen a model as good as this one and we now license it for use in all of our loan applications.

Gene B.
Fortunately, I discovered Wade Myers and his Startup Financial Model...He built a beautiful financial model where I could just fill in the details about my business and it would automatically calculate cash flow, growth rate, and more.

Erica D.
Owner / Erica.biz
We found that Startup Financial Model helped us accelerate our financial modeling and map out our key metrics like no other tool we have seen. The Summary section is a must for companies that are working to raise capital or plan for future growth!

Sean B.
The Startup Financial Model template is perhaps the most comprehensive, robust, adaptive, user-friendly and cost effective financial tool of its kind on the market today and I use it extensively in my CPA practice and instructing MBA students on its use and application.
Allen D.
Co-founder & Managing Director / The Brighton Company, LLC
This past summer I stumbled upon an online tool that is better than any other I have found to help entrepreneurs. I can’t recommend this tool enough. I’ve tried them all and it far succeeds tools like LivePlan and BusinessPlanPro.
Colleen R.
Asst. Prof. of Entrepreneurship and Assoc. Dir. of the Center for Entrepreneurship/ California State University

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A "must have" business plan template pro forma for raising capital, planning, or launching a business it's what investors and lenders demand


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Simple entries run through 860,000+ calculations to automatically produce all key metrics, financial ratios, and sophisticated financial reports


Starting at only $15/month vs. $10,000+ for the same quality model built on decades of real startup experience


Accomodates multiple offerings and business models of any type

Print or save to PDF, download to CSV file, or purchase and download into an Excel spreadsheet to work offline

Service and Support

Purchase additional service and support time to have a modeling expert quickly set up your pro forma for you

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